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Memorial Space to the 100 Anniversary of the Alcorta Shout Revolt

Town of Alcorta, Santa Fe Province, Argentina

Status: Under Construction, On Hold

Construction Budget: $500,000

Design: Claudio Vekstein, Arch

Design Assistants: Carolina Telo, Mariana Pons, Pedro Magnasco, Mercedes Peralta, Martin Flugelman, Santiago Tolosa, Stephen Wanderer, Susan Franco, Alisha Rompre, Pamela Galan, Maca Cerquera, Renders: Hernán Landolfo, Archs

Structural Design: Tomás del Carril and Javier Fazio, Engs

Structural Panels: Mark West and Ronnie Araya, Archs

Landscape Design: Lucia Schiappapietra and Teresa Rozados, Elena Rocchi Arch, Assistants: Cecilia Chiesa, Clara Miguens

Construction Management: Héctor Malo, Arch and Special Projects Unit, Public Works and Housing Ministry, Government of Santa Fe Province, Nadia Ferretti and Marcelo Tironi, Archs

Clients: Agrarian Federation of Argentina, Town of Alcorta, Government of Santa Fe Province, Argentine Federal Government

Location: 90 Rd, Town of Alcorta, Santa Fe Province, Argentina

Area: Covered 5,000 sf, Uncovered 70,000 sf

Photography: Marcelo Tironi, Sergio Esmoris